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We are currently accepting applications for the following positions
Select Position383GEPGirls Education Program1521District Coordinator BIHAR BIHAROfficer15-May-201531-May-2015Both1
Select Position382GEPGirls Education Program1520Academic Leadership Community Coordinator (ALCC) BIHAR BIHARSupport15-May-201531-May-2015Both1
Select Position387TSUTechnical Support Unit1531District MLE Officer BIHAR BIHAROfficer27-May-201507-Jun-2015Both1
Select Position386TSUTechnical Support Unit1519Regional MLE Specialist BIHAR BIHARMiddle Management15-May-201531-May-2015Both1
Select Position381TSUTechnical Support Unit1518MLE Specialist BIHAR BIHARMiddle Management15-May-201531-May-2015Both1
Select Position380TSUTechnical Support Unit1517Monitoring Learning and Evaluation Specialist – VL (Entomology) BIHAR BIHARMiddle Management15-May-201531-May-2015Both1
Select Position353TSUTechnical Support Unit1443Manager – Procurement BIHAR BIHARMiddle Management27-May-201507-Jun-2015Both1
Select Position294TSUTechnical Support Unit1332Head Finance BIHAR BIHARSenior Management15-May-201531-May-2015Both1
Select Position290TSUTechnical Support Unit1334PROGRAM MANAGER BIHAR BIHARMiddle Management25-May-201531-May-2015Both1

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